Low Profile HEPA/ULPA/PTFE Fan Filter Units

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Custom Fan Filter Unit Sizing As the leader in custom engineered Fan Filters Units (FFUs), we are often presented with the challenge of fitting a FFU in a restricted height area. As the semiconductor equipment market continues to pack more equipment in less space, the challenge of getting clean air to the key zones while… Read more »

Expandable Ions

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During the design phase of a clean space it is often unclear if one ion bar or more than one is required to meet the specification. To solve this issue we offer the build in expandability with our “expandable ions” solution. See blog

Proprietary “Accu-Volume” system now allows for truly accurate fan sizing in FFU application

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Choosing the Right Fan Curve for Your Fan Filter Unit Electrical engineers know that a fan system will perform differently when different voltage/Hz. electricity is applied.  However, it is less well known that the fan curves for popular FFU fans are only available in: 230V 1PH/50 Hz. (applicable for Europe and Singapore) 230 1 PH/60 Hz. (no… Read more »