Custom RABS FFU Sets And Control Systems

Base RABs FFU specification

  • 304 Stainless Steel FFU body and removable face screen, #4 finish
  • Room Side Replaceable (RSR) Gel Seal 99.99% @ 0.3 HEPA filter with anodized aluminum filter frame and 304 SS in #4 finish
  • EBM Single phase 115V Fans specified to produce 90 FPM at 6” below the filter face screen with 1.0” total system static pressure
  • All components in the system serviceable from inside the FFU
  • Normally closed Fan Failure switches on each fan in the system
  • Addressable network fan control
  • Dual downstream test ports

List of standard options:

  • Anodized Aluminum or 316/316L Fan housing
  • 304 or 316/316L Stainless steel filter frame
  • RPM Sensors on one fan per FFU
  • Filter differential pressure sensor (analog or digital)
  • High capacity FFU with as much as 125 FPM @ 1.5” total system pressure
  • Top access FFU
  • 230V Fans/1 phase
  • EC Fans
downstream view 316SS FFU.jpg
inside a RABs FFU.jpg




  • Triangular-FFU.jpg
  • clean-room-restricted-access-barrier.jpg
  • triangle-gel-seal-and-teardrop-light.jpg




HEPA/ULPA FFUs for Active and Closed RABS applications (PDF presentation)

For each RABS there is a Master Controller that the FFUs can be accessed from, and reports the status of the individual FFUs. The Master Controllers come in a variety of price points depending on;

  1. The number of FFUs controlled
  2. The customers desire for detail in the display
  3. Whether the customer desires a screen that has been customized for their project
  4. Whether web accessibility is required
  5. Whether paging upon a any alarm condition is required

The function of this controller is to allow easy acces to adjusting fan speed control for final balancing, while displaying the status of each FFU during day to day operations.

Virtually unlimited additional options available, per the job.

RABs FFU control system.jpg