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Air Pressure Controls for Fan Filter Units

Many versions are available to cover different requirements, and following are the 3 basic groups of APC FFUs. There are many subsets of these 3 basic groups that exist.

1) A single FFU that controls a single zone.

This style of FFU can be programmed for the pressure set point and P, I & D settings with shareware software


2) Multiple FFUs that are part of A “primary/secondary” set that controls a single zone.

Differentiated from the single FFU (#1) in that all FFUs are operating as a single entity

3)  Multiple FFUs that control cascaded pressure control environment that can correspond to 2 or more pressure zones.

This PLC based control system has multiple, cascaded zones, and web connectivity

Many types of automatic pressure control schemes exist and the best thing you can get from this document is that we can do them all. If you have a need for an APC solution, give me a call at 510-656-5333 or contact me at

Jim Harris


Download PDT Presentation of this blog here: Automatic Pressure Controlled (APC) FFUs (PDF Presentation) 

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