Custom Built PTFE, FFU, AMC, HEPA Fan Filter Units

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Custom and Standard HEPA ULPA Fan Filter units (FFU), Custom HEPA filters, various Clean Air systems by TES-Clean Air Systems.

We are the leading supplier of standard, non-standard and custom engineered Fan Filter Units (FFU),for Semiconductor Process Tools, Equipment Front End Module (EFEM), Pharmaceutical Restricted Access Barriers (RABS)Pharmaceutical battery powered transfer carts, Nuclear HEPA fan units, Nuclear Bag-in-Bag out HEPA filtration units, OEM memory, and various Mini Environment applications.

Unmatched Experience

Our application engineering staff has unmatched experience in the design of HEPA, ULPA, and PTFE media Fan Filter Units (FFU), into applications such as the Mini Environment, Semiconductor Process Tool Front End, Equipment Front End Module (EFEM), Pharmaceutical RABSPharmaceutical battery powered transfer carts and Nuclear HEPA filter solutions. Whereas we may specify a mass produced clean room construction Fan Filter Units (FFU), like the MAC-10 that are produced hundreds at a time, our line of custom Fan Filter Units (FFU) are individually designed and engineered to your exacting specifications. Let our knowledgeable staff match your need to the right product High volume units, like the MAC-10, are used in the marketplace for construction applications where a generic HEPA , ULPA or PTFE media Fan Filter module is required, and where cost if the biggest driver, we can apply and supply these for your next project. However, units like the MAC-10 cannot offer the custom sizing and features that we can design into your product for a Mini Environment, Semiconductor Equipment Front End Module (EFEM) or Semiconductor Process Tool Front End application. In addition to providing specialized designs in the area of HEPA, ULPA and PTFE media air filtration; we offer the ability to integrate applicable “Simco-Ion” ionization products into our “Clean Air Systems” designs. Simco-Ion is the premier supplier of ionization for high end applications, offering products that deal both with ESA and ESD related issues. “Simco-Ion” is the recognized leader both in the technology and application of ionization in clean room related fields. Over the last 11 years, as the need for custom engineered Fan Filter Units (FFUs) has blossomed, TES-Clean Air systems has been a pioneer in new designs involving such things as the a patent pending LED-in-HEPA lighting system (“Lumifilter”) that is rapidly becoming a standard in the industry, as well as many other areas such as digital control systemspressure control systems, air flow uniformity enhancement, integrated IonizationGel Seal custom Pharma FFUs, as well as a full line of battery powered FFU for Pharma transfer carts. If you don’t see what you are looking for on the site, please call us and tell us about your requirement. It is likely that we already make something like what you have in mind, and if not we will invent it for you.

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