FFU and EFEM/Mini-Environment Status and Exception Alarming

FFU and EFEM/Mini-Environment Status and Exception Alarming

Our custom engineered FFUs provide the necessary volume of ULPA filtered air to pressurize the space to 0.005″-0.04″ WG differential pressure, per Sematech Best Practices Document Section When there is a change in the differential pressure it is critical that the tool immediately go into alarm, if not, the first indication could be failed final product or even worse, latent failures in the field.

The following section details some of the many ways that we report the status of both the FFU itself, and the EFEM/Clean Zone/Mini-Environment. Please keep in mind that this is just a short list of the typical ways we report the status, and we are happy to work directly with you to meet your needs if you find they are different than what is detailed here.

Alarming off Fan Status:

Download the presentation the Basic FFU fan monitoring PPT

Alarming off System Pressure:

A supply of ULPA filtered air performs two functions.

First is to fill the zone with clean air and second is to pressurize the zone. Differential pressure relates the ratio of air volume to the area available for the air to exit. Differential Pressure is the bottom line on the performance of a clean zone, while fan output is only 1 part of a 2 part equation. We offer any number of pressure monitoring solutions. To check in on the details download:

Download the presentations on various versions of alarming off System Pressure

Stand Alone Pressure Monitoring system options

Integrated Pressure Monitoring system options