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Choosing the Right Fan Curve for Your Fan Filter Unit

Electrical engineers know that a fan system will perform differently when different voltage/Hz. electricity is applied.  However, it is less well known that the fan curves for popular FFU fans are only available in:

  1. 230V 1PH/50 Hz. (applicable for Europe and Singapore)
  2. 230 1 PH/60 Hz. (no country uses this combination)
  3. 115 1 PH/60 Hz. (Good only for the USA)

For the countries a FFU is most likely to end up in, South Korea, China, and Malaysia the available fan curves are for the wrong voltage/Hz. combination.  So in response to this TES-Clean Air Systems has developed the proprietary “Accu- Volume” system for fan sizing. Example: “Accu-Volume” system versus stock fan curves. In the last few years the number of FFUs going to South Korea has surged dramatically, where they will most likely run on 220V 1 PH/60 Hz., and in some other cases 208V 1 PH/60 Hz. Using the example of a FFU being designed to produce 90 FPM in the (EFEM) mini-environment, with 20% extra capacity for filter loading, no additional external static, and an American Air Filter PTFE “Megacel” filter:

  • “Standard” 230V 1 PH/50 Hz. Fan curve = 320 CFM/fan**
  • 208V 1 PH/ 60 Hz. “Accu-Volume” system = 165 CFM/fan**
  • 220V 1 PH//60 Hz. “Accu-Volume” system = 225 CFM/fan**

So in this example, using the standard fan curve you would size the FFU with 4 fans to achieve the goal, when in fact either 6 fans are needed if the input electrical is 220V/60 or 8 ea fans if the input voltage is 208V/60 Conclusion: Using our proprietary “Accu-Volume” system, TES-Clean Air Systems is in a unique position to properly size the fans for your FFU application, keeping you from inadvertently “coming up short” in your design.   ** EBM fan p/n R2E220-AA40-23

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