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2019 Was a Great Start For FFUs in 2020

Despite a hiccup in 2019, the semiconductor market has a very bright outlook according to a report released by the industry association SEMI and covered by Semiconductor Digest. Per SEMI’s predictions, the year 2020 is shaping up to be a rebound year, and 2021 promises some new record highs for the industry. In particular, new investment in sub-10nm equipment will be a driver of growth.

Wrapping Up 2019

If the trends play out as SEMI predicts, then by the end of 2019, the industry’s country-by-country pecking order will have shifted. For example, Korea will be passed by Taiwan as the world’s biggest equipment market. Even though 2019 will grade out as a down year on the whole, Taiwan’s market will have seen 53 percent growth, while North America will have enjoyed a boost of 33.6 percent. Other regions will have contracted.

2020: A Year of Recovery 

SEMI’s market forecast anticipates that 2020 will see China play a leading role in the market’s recovery, particularly by hosting new projects. Other industry-boosting influences, according to Semiconductor Digest’s writeup, will be memory as well as “advanced logic and foundry.” All in all, the SEMI report projects that semiconductor equipment sales will increase to $60.8 billion, an increase of 5.5 percent from 2019. The recovery will not be limited to Asia, either. For example, Europe is projected to see a 45.9 percent surge in semiconductor equipment sales.

Additionally, the market has a higher upside if trade tensions are settled and the macroeconomy sees improvement in 2020.

2021: New Heights

After rebounding in 2020, the semiconductor manufacturing industry is projected to reach new heights in 2021. Memory spending will reach a high level, and every sector is expected to experience growth. There will be another shuffling of world rankings: China is projected to claim the top spot when it comes to equipment sales, with Korea and Taiwan behind it.

FFU Tech for Clean Rooms on The Rise

All in all, while 2019 has not been the best year for the industry, the next two years are shaping up to boost it to a level never before seen.

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