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Global Technology Uses AI and Big Data to Advance

Over the years, Moore’s Law of scaling several small simple-to-integrate materials synchronously enhanced chip power, performance as well as cost/area (PPAC). Currently, however, materials like copper and tungsten are unfortunately not scalable outside the 10nm foundry node. This is mainly since their performance (electrical) has stretched to physical confines for interconnects as well as transistor contacts. This occurrence has subsequently resulted in a significant holdup in attaining the optimum potential in the performance of typical FinFET transistors.

Luckily, Applied Materials Inc., the leading company in solutions for material engineering utilized in producing all new chips and enhanced display, has come up with an all-new and dependable solution to this bottleneck-Cobalt.

Cobalt is the newest breakthrough in the world, more so in the materials engineering industry. This discovery can accelerate the performance of chips in the AI and big data era. Additionally, not only does is it eradicate this huge bottleneck, but it also mandates for a modification in process system strategy.

How Cobalt positively affects AI and big data applications across the board.

Although it is quite difficult to integrate, cobalt has some remarkable benefits to chip making and chip technology.

Some of the most notable benefits include:

  • Accelerating chip performance
  • Lower variability and resistance at small dimensions
  • Improved reliability
  • Enhanced gap fill at very fine dimensions

How you can use Cobalt to increase chip performance:

The industry is scaling provisions to extreme dimensions. Subsequently, materials are exhibiting varying behaviors, and they must as such be engineered methodically at the atomic scale, usually under vacuum. To facilitate its usage (cobalt) in standard transistor interconnects and contact, Applied

Materials have pooled some distinct (materials engineering) procedures including:

  • PVD
  • CVD (on Endura platform)
  • ALD
  • Pre-Clean

What’s more, this organization has come up with an integrated cobalt suite which is inclusive of annealing on the Producer platform, PROVision platform e-beam inspection, as well as planarization. This exclusive cobalt suite can now be found in the market and is accessible to customers across the globe.

Applied Inc. confirmed that their process of establishing an alternate materials solution which could go over and above the 10nm node started some few years back after anticipating an inflection in the transistor interconnect and contact.

How you can use it:

Customers across the globe can now make use of this proven (Integrated Material) solution in speeding up time-to-market along with boosting the performance of chips both at the 7nm foundry node as well as beyond.

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