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The lithography equipment market is forecasted to enjoy a growth of 8% CAGR at a global scale from 2018 to 2022, according to the latest market research analysis and report by Technavio.

Technavio’s market research report includes end users IDMs, memory and foundry and regions EMEA, APAC and the Americas in the lithography metrology equipment industry. The forecast also includes several key factors that may have an influence in the market, i.e., trends, opportunities, drivers and challenges that affect the industry as a whole.

One of the highlights in the analysis report mentioned that the high demand of miniaturized electronic devices contributed to the overall growth of the world lithography metrology market.

The Demand For Miniature Tech

The emergence of smaller, more sophisticated semiconductors in ICs, LED displays and chips have driven the growth of the semiconductor market to new heights. Vendors are now focusing their efforts in making miniature electronic devices that use less power as the demand for such commodity is growing at an unprecedented rate. Newer IC chips are smaller, more powerful and don’t use as much power.

IC designs are also being transferred from photomasks to silicon wafers in photolithography systems and semiconductor equipment. Electronic circuits in general are being optimized and are adapting miniaturized circuits made of semiconductor components, which allows a smaller structure size while delivering better performance.

A Technavio senior analyst has mentioned that advancements in wearable tech, tablets and smartphones have driven up the demand for miniaturized ICs. Semiconductor device manufacturers strive to provide smaller, more advanced IC chips according to consumer demands.

In 2017, the APAC region dominated the global metrology lithography equipment market by contributing more than 71% in terms of global market shares, followed by EMEA and Americas. The market growth in the APAC region is forecasted to grow and dominate by 2022 while the Americas region is forecasted to be the least contributor during the time period.

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