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2018 technology trends

Earlier this week, Gartner Inc. addressed some of the top strategic trends that will most likely impact organizations in 2018. Analytics and other tech experts displayed their findings during the Gartner Symposium.

Top strategic technology trends for 2018

The following are some of the top strategic technology trends set to grace 2018:

  • Conversational Platforms

Conversational platforms are set to cause the next major paradigm shift in how human beings interact and associate with the digital world. The issue of translating intent shifts from an individual to a computer. This is because conversational platforms will take commands or questions from users and then make necessary responses that will involve the execution of some sort of function, request of additional input, or presentation of content.

  • Digital Twin

The term digital twin refers to the digital representation of real-world systems or entities. In regards to IoT projects, the concept of a digital twin seems like a promising concept in the years to come. Properly designed digital twins have the potential to; substantially improve organization’s decision-making processes. This is because they are connected to their real world counterparts and are set up to understand the state or nature of a system, improve operations, respond to changes, and add value.

  • AI Foundation

In the coming year, and all through to 2025, the creation of systems with the ability to learn, adapt, and possibly act autonomously will be one of the major fields that technology vendors will fight over. This is because the ability to implement AI intelligence, reshape business, alter ecosystems, and enhance customer satisfaction will all prove profitable initiatives in the years to come.

  • Cloud to the Edge

Edge computing refers to a computing topology whereby there is collection of content, processing of information, and their subsequent delivery through the close placement of their sources. This will help to make latency and connectivity problems, bandwidth restrictions, and functionality issues outdated matters.

  • Blockchain

With the way things are going, blockchain chain is gradually evolving from a purely digital currency infrastructure, to a platform for digital revolution. This is because blockchain technologies provide a far-reaching alternative from the current centralized record keeping and transaction mechanisms. Even though the initial hype behind blockchains leaned much towards the financial sector, it is still a unique concept that can be applied in the healthcare, manufacturing, government, identity verification, media distribution, supply chain, and title registry sectors.


Most tech experts and major industry players agree that 2018 is set to see many tech trends that are sure to reshape the world, as we know it.

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