Standard and Custom FFU’s

The Standard Unit Features an 8″ Radius of ½” Holes on ¾” Centers Integral to the Top of the FFU






High flow FFUs
When a fan filter designed for higher than average flow the wire finger guard is selected.







Prefiltration of a Moderate Particulate Load
When pre-filtration of the inlet air supply involves moderate particulate, and the customer wishes to upgrade the appearance of the standard perforated finger guard, a black foam prefilter is supplied, held in by anodized aluminum “Z”-strips.






Prefiltration of an Excessive Particulate
When pre-filtration of the supply air involves excessive particulate a 1” pleated prefilter is supplied






Prefiltration with a Washable Filter
When pre-filtration of the inlet air is required and there is a requirement that the prefilter element can be cleaned, a washable prefilter is supplied.






Delivering Air to the FFU From the Clean Room
When the inlet air is to be supplied from an area other than the space directly above the FFU, a clean air duct kit is supplied. The design will vary with each customer.

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