Standard and Custom FFU’s

euroThe Standard Unit is the Anodized Aluminum “Euro” FFU

Standard feature: The pressure plenum of the “Euro” FFU is of a streamlined design using an anodized aluminum outer skin, internal fasteners and silicone free (urethane based) caulk material. The filter attaches to the plenum with latches that compress the inter-plenum poron gasket, while allowing the filter to be removed and replaced if it becomes plugged or damaged. Air inlet to the motor(s) is via a 8” circumference pattern of ½” holes on ¾” centers forming a “finger guard” integral to the pressure plenum. Length and width of the FFU are measured from the furthest outside point of the filter (and does not include the approximately ½” on each side extra for the latches) while the height is from the bottom of the filter, including a ¼” poron gasket to the top of the plenum.


The “Edge” Option on the Standard “Euro” FFU
edge7For an improved appearance and to improve internal air distribution in the upper plenum the “Edge” option is selected.

The “Elite” FFU
plenumFor those applications requiring a painted finish the plenum is made of cold rolled steel panels, welded together. The welds are ground smooth and the finished body of the FFU is epoxy powder painted in the customer’s choice of colors.

The “Reflections” FFU
ffu9For those applications where a stainless steel product is required a 304 Stainless Steel plenum is provided in either brush finish, electropolished, or in any other available finish of the customer’s choosing.

An Aerosol Injection Port Can be Added to Any Model
aerosolFor those applications where an aerosol such as PAO or PSL, (or in Bio-Pharma industry DOP) needs to be introduced to test the filter integrity under a challenge a test port is added to the plenum at a customer defined location.

316 SS HEPA fan filter and 304 SS HEPA fan filter and Non standard HEPA fan filters