Standard and Custom FFU’s

The Standard Unit Features a Manually Operated Speed Control

Standard feature: On/off speed control. Adjustment of the RPM level of the fan(s) is accomplished by turning the knob on the on/off speed control while using a measurement device on the downstream side of the filter to determine when the desired air flow level has been reached. This analog device allows the motor(s) to be adjusted from approximately 40% to 100% of full fan performance.


The FFU (or group of FFUs) must be able to be digitally set to a flow setting that is repeatable to within 1% from FFU to FFU

Aircare Variphase speed control
To reduce audible motor noise and offer more precise control of the fan(s) speed, along with a digital display, select the Air-Care Automation model # ACV104X with ACC1-10 console

AirCare VariPhase™ (pdf)

AirCare Small System Console (pdf)

AC Centrifugal Fans – backward curved, 3-D, 0 310 (pdf)



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Computer Control of the Fan(s)
If computer control of the motor(s) and/or variable input voltage is required the EBM/Papst “EC” or “EC Lite” fans can be selected.







































Motor Speed Control When Using 3 Phase Power
If the FFU application calls for the use of 3 phase input electrical voltage and/or control of the fan speed via the use of a variable frequency drive is required the EBM/Papst RH31M-4/111151 fan is selected. Note: many of the smaller fans cannot be used with variable frequency drives for RPM control, or system control based on data from a pressure sensor.

3rd. Option- The air volume coming out of the FFU must self regulate to hold a defined differential pressure in the mini environment that it is serving. All functions of the control system must be user programmable for optimum functionality, and give both high and low condition alarms

Details on Airflotek’s “Torr-Rite” Pressure Compensated Flow Control (PCFC) will be available soon