Standard and Custom FFU’s

Standard Units Do Not Come With Any “Hold-Down” Hardware


A Set of Hold-Down Clips To Go With Each FFU
The HDC-89 hold down clip can be provided for FFU’s using the standard American Air Filter “89” frame, along with a set of drawings both in CAD and PDF format to aid the custom design. A set of 4 to 8 clips is required, depending on the overall length of the FFU. 2 clips per side is recommended for FFUs up to 48″ in length and 3 per side is recommended for 48″-60″, while 8 is recommended for units from 60-84+”.


A Slo
tted Filter Channel
The HEPA/ULPA/PTFE filter frame can be provided with a slotted channel.
The filter frame has a factory installed ¼” thick X ¾” wide poron gasket on the downstream side and the customer provides a threaded member that protrudes through the slots and receives a nut. Tightening the nut on the upstream side of the slotted channel compresses the gasket on the downstream side of the channel.


Suspending the FFU from a Structure Above It

For those applications where the FFU needs to be suspended from above, 4 each threaded inserts are provided for use either with ¼”-20 eyebolts or threaded rods


Providing the FFU With an External Flange for Mounting

For those applications requiring sitting the FFU in a customer-provided “cut-out” on their tool an external flange is provided on the FFU