Standard and Custom FFU’s

The Standard Unit Features 1 or more EBM/Pabst 220 mm Wheel(s) Backward Curved Impeller

Standard feature: The fans(s) are EBM/Papst model R2E220. The two standard voltages are 115V/50/60 hz/1 phase OR 230 V/50/60 Hz./1 phase. The standard fan selection will yield 90 FPM face velocity in the new FFU, with adequate reserve for filter loading.

R2E220 Series (pdf)


High output fans
If a high flow FFU is required then either, fans with higher output or a larger quantity of fans can be substituted.


R4E280 Series (pdf)
R4E310 Series (pdf)

R4E355 Series (pdf)

R4E355AN Series (pdf)

Fans to use for limited height applications
If a FFU shorter than 9”is required the EBM/Papst R2E190 fan is selected. (approximately 1 fan per 1.5 square feet of FFU)


R2E190 Series (pdf)


For Easy Removal of the Fans
If service of the fan(s) is required without taking the FFU from it’s mount, the “Quik-Change” motor mounting feature is substituted.




Motors That give an RPM output
Motors can feature an integral Hall Effects sensor. This sensor allows for the motor’s RPM to be reported. The output from the FFU to the customer’s tool can be either pulsed, 0-5V, 0-10V, or 4-20 ma. And in the case of the analog versions is proportional to the RPM along the range selected. This output can be taken by the customer and integrated into their software, or can be read out as a display on the FFU, or near the FFU.
See downloadable file called EBM AC Hall effect data