Standard and Custom FFU’s

Standard Units Do Not Come With Integrated Ionization

For details on the Ion Systems product itself visit the Integrated Ionization section.



Integrating Ionization With The FFU
The FFU comes with an extended filter frame. Custom brackets are attached to the extended portion of the frame and the Ion systems bars are attached. The cables that supply power to the bar(s) travel through a hole(s) in the end of the frame.

Installing Ionization on a Centerboard in the Filter
The FFU can have a filter with a center board in it and the wires that power the Ion Systems Quad Bar ionizer come through the centerboard.. The ionizer itself is attached either to an extended frame by a bracket attached to the bottom of the filter frame, or to the centerboard itself.





Threaded Inserts For Mounting Various Controllers From Ion Systems
The FFU can have a set or several sets of riv-nuts inserted into the top of the FFU to attach a controller, power supply or interface module from Ion systems to the top of the FFU.








If the Ion Systems Aerobar is large, or if the brackets have to extend significantly, the brackets are hard mounted to the inside of the filter frame.