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Semiconductors Sales Show No Signs of Slowing Anytime Soon

When it comes to the potential for semiconductor technology, the sky is the limit. According to the latest market reports, the global semiconductor industry hit a record high of $120.8 billion in the second quarter of 2018. This comes as no surprise to industry leaders who are finding new ways to apply the technology in the wireless communication and data processing markets.

Semiconductor FFU applications are virtually limitless as new wireless components become increasingly available, and demand for the products is reaching an all-time high. Industry leaders are overcoming technological hurdles that had previously held back the development of more advanced semiconductors. This translates into a greater need for biotech FFUs and clean room FFUs required in both the manufacturing and development of these products.

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There is a definitive correlation between the rising semiconductor market and the need for FFUs capable of keeping up with the demand. Samsung, naturally, led the pack in second quarter over quarter growth—raking in $42-billion. HIS Markit’s Senior Analyst Ron Ellwanger had this to say about the future market potential for the semiconductor industry:

“The explosive growth in enterprise and storage drove the market to new heights in the second quarter. This growth contributed to record application revenue in data processing and wired communication markets as well as in the microcomponent and memory categories.”

Ellwanger goes on to predict a continuous trend of growth within the industry. This bodes well for any related products and tools required to manufacture such an important part of our growing technological resources.

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