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Custom Fan Filter Units for Biotech Clean Rooms

A Fan Filter Unit is an excellent way to meet the need when a small amount of HEPA/ULPA filtered clean space is required. A fan filter unit can be a very plain item like an Envirco-MAC 10 or something more specific in size and specification, which are referred to by names such as Custom Fan Filter Unit , Engineered Fan filter Unit, or Custom specified Fan filter unit.

Both types of Fan filter units have their place in the market, depending on the customer’s needs.

Fan Filter Unit

The Envirco MAC-10 Fan filter unit is a good choice when using a standard size such as nominal 2’X4’ and bottom line price are the two main drivers. When needed features for the Fan Filter Unit include a non-standard size, non-standard filter specification (such as PTFE or U15), a specific air flow, digital fan speed control, Automatic pressure control (APC), Airborn molecular contamination (AMC) eliminating prefilters, integral LED lights (click here to see video on integral lighting.), integral Simco-Ion ionization, or specialized materials of construction such as 316 or 304 Stainless steel a Custom Fan Filter Unit from Airflotek would be ideal.

TES-CleanAir Systems distributes all types of Fan filters Units and can be reached on the web at or by phone at (510) 656- 5333. Ask for Jim Harris or Larry Ottesen for engineering help.

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